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Hawaiian Animals

I'm not done with the Hawaiian tree yet, but it looks like there isn't a lesson about animals yet. I found a picture book called "Absolutely Awesome Island Animals in Hawaiian and English" and I thought I should share the words that are in it:

moʻo — gecko

nēnē — goose

naiʻa — dolphin

ʻiʻiwi — honeycreeper

ʻōpeʻapeʻa — bat

manō — shark

aeʻo — stilt

kameleona — Jackson's chameleon

kanapī — centipede

ʻelelū — cockroach

honu — sea turtle

ʻīlio holo i ka uaua — monk seal

alae kea — coot

pueo — owl

he'e — octopus

koholā — whale

nananana makaki'i — happy face spider

And, of course:

humuhumunukunukuapua'a — reef triggerfish

Aloha kākou!

May 5, 2019



LAUWILIWILINUKUNUKUʻOIʻOI - longnose butterfly fish (aka the "bubble's" guy from Nemo)


Thanks very much!! This is great!


Thanks for this!

[deactivated user]

    I am not this far but thanks for this.


    The cockroach is not a native of Hawai'i, but it is here now! If you come to the islands you will likely find these friendly creatures visiting you along your journey!


    cockroach is not native but was taken there by ships. there is a movie about wild Hawai'i check it out on disney plus


    Nene does not mean goose. The Nene is a specific type of goose indigenous to Hawaii. Not a regular goose.


    What is your translation for goose?


    I once saw nēnē haole as a term for a non-nēnē type of goose.


    Some animals that are used a bit more in everyday language (:

    Puaʻa - Pig

    Manu - Bird

    ʻIo - Hawk

    Pōpoki - Cat

    ʻĪlio - Dog


    MAHALO, this was very helpful take a lingot for the hard work

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