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what's up people my name is Lil black coffee and i am twenty years old, i will post here every day a lot of texts that i will to try create, but i don't speak english fluently and i have problems trying to create senteces, so i hope you all help me in my journey to be just another person whose speak english. all these words that i said, i learn here on duolingo and watching a few videos, cause' i am straight from the guetto and my vision about the english , i learned listenin' to trap music, it ain't easy to be like me but i'll reach there for my momma, for my family, for my country, i will be a winner.

i wrote it in about ten minutes, i am a loser i know but i got faith in god.

knowledge is power

text number one XD

May 5, 2019

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Lil Black Coffe - Knowledge is power - Congratulations

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