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"They definitely should not touch that crocodile!"

Translation:Ili nepre ne tuŝu tiun krokodilon!

May 5, 2019



I'm having some trouble yet with adverbs. Is there a reason why sometimes they precede and sometimes follow the verb? In other words, why not «illi ne tuŝu nepre»?

May 5, 2019


Adverbs generally go before the word they modify.

  • Ne nepre = not necessarily
  • Nepre ne = absolutely not
June 25, 2019


The literal meaning doesn't really change when you move the words around, but the emphasis does. Placing it later in the sentence de-emphasizes the word.

May 6, 2019


Don't quote me on this, but I believe one of the goals of Esperanto is that word order can fluxuate a bit for translation purposes. Most of it is in SVO order so i'm not entirely sure about that. I noticed similar things when I look at translations.

May 5, 2019
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