Arabic Word of the Day 13#

Today we're going to go through some more essentials Goodbye and in a bit lads (oh yeah, good news, I've managed to get 'tanween' printing on my keyboard!) :

*مع السلامة = "Ma3a alsalaama" = Meaning 'Goodbye' - but literally means 'with safety' so you are wishing someone a safe trip etc... (which is a nice thing to say, so I'd recommend this one)

*إلى اللقاء = "Ila al'liqaa' " = Meaning 'Bye' - this one isn't as common as the one above, and is normally used when someone is going to leave and you're saying 'Bye until we meet again' as it is literally translated as 'until we meet' . This one is a little bit more "formal" in my opinion ( I mean I don't remember myself ever really using this one in comparison to the above, which I say almost everyday), but it's good to know these.

*وداعاً = "Wadaa3an" = Also meaning "Bye" - this one is quite common as well. As you may have noticed in the Arabic script, there are two small dashes above the word, that's the 'tanween' and it makes the ending of the word sound like "an" instead of "a", although the word ends with an 'alif'.

*أراك قريباً = "Araaka q^areeban" = Meaning 'See you soon' . "Araaka" means "I see you" and "q^areeban" means "soon". Here, there's also a 'tanween' (bil fat'h^ precisely, but don't worry about it too much).

*أراك لاحقاً = "Araaka laah^iq^an" = Meaning, 'See you later' . "Araaka" meaning "I see you" and "laah^iq^an" meaning "later".

*أراك غداً = "Araaka ghadan" = Meaning, "See you tomorrow". So we already know what "araaka" means, and "ghadan" means "tomorrow".

*Nope, we aren't done yet kids, sit down... We've got equality to make... So, if you are talking to a girl, then for the last three phrases we must add "i" (short vowel) instead of the short vowel "a" at the end of the word "araaka". So it will be "araaki (ghadan/laah^iq^an/ q^areeban) " - the second word doesn't change, only the first one does (quite simple).

*شكرا for reading (do you still remember this word? I know, I know, 24h ago, fair enough... it means 'thanks'). Any Qs, proof-reading, suggestions etc... Please tell me! ;) "أراكم غدا" (see you tomorrow - pl) ;p

May 5, 2019


Thanks for your post again, I enjoy reading them!

My favorite word/phrase you gave us today is “ Araaka laah^iq^an”

May 5, 2019

...Alligator! ;)

Hey Maestro how do you say 'alligator' in Spanish? (don't tell me YDK, you must know, it's so essential in our everyday life! ;p)

You are right, alligator is one of the most important words in the English language. I use it almost every day LOL

Alligator in Spanish is “caimán” (I didn’t look it up or nothing ;P)

Yeah, yeah I know you did ... Isn't caiman a type of crocodile? @_@ I'm pretty sure I've heard it before... Nvm

Yes, caiman is a type of crocodile.

I just looked up the word for "caiman" and it is the same as the Spanish word for alligator "caimán."

Haha Maestro had to look something up! Miracle!... Hey Maestro! Were you a nerd when you were a kid? Or were you just epically smart? (I bet you were a goody- two -shoe! XD) JK Maestro don't take it seriously ;p

I actually looked up alligator too, so it isn't my first time LOL,

When I was a kid... well, to be honest, I really have never thought about this before, I need time to think about it...

Ok, I would probably label myself as a nerd when I was a child, but when I was a younger child though around 5-9 I was definitely a "goody two shoes" (looking back, I probably could not stand myself back in those years now.) LOL

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