"She and my father are siblings."

Translation:Lei e mio padre sono fratelli.

April 12, 2013

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Why is "il mio padre" marked wrong?


When talking about family members in the singular you drop the definite article. So "mia sorella" but it's "le mie sorelle"


Doesn't fratelli mean brothers? Not brother and sister.


It's the same sexist tradition that includes girls in "ragazzi" when speaking of a mixed group


My thoughts exacly.


Why is "sono I fratelli" wrong?


Yes.. why is il mio padre marked wromg. I thought we always had to put il or la in front of mio or mia


When talking about A close relative (like 'mio padre' or 'mia madre') You don't have to use 'il' or 'la'. This rule only works in singular, when You talk about ONE relative. In plural You have to use the article (for example my brothers: 'i miei fratelli', my sisters: 'le mie sorelle')

Also a good question is, who are counted as 'close relative'. Learning from other questions, an uncle or aunt also belongs to this rule (mio zio, mia zia)


How can "she" be a brother?


Even if among 10 siblings there are 9 female and 1 Male, they're called "fratelli". In case the siblings are all female, fratelli cannot be used but you use "sorelle"


She is not a brother. Just as ragazzi can mean boys or children so fratelli can mean both brothers and siblings. Siblings, of course, refers to your brothers and sisters. Therefore, she can be one of the fratelli, siblings.


Fratelli - geschwister


The "Tips" section should have pointed out that the article is dropped when speaking about a family member in the singular !!!


I understand that "fratelli" is the plural form of "fratello" or brothers, men. "Lei" in this sentence is a woman, I suppose. Mio padre is a man.

A woman and a man together as the subject of the sentence are brothers?
I wonder "fratelli" has another meaning other than "brothers"?

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