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  5. "Qe' tlhopDaq jIQamtaH."

"Qe' tlhopDaq jIQamtaH."

Translation:I am standing in front of the restaurant.

May 5, 2019



Would "before" be a good translation of "tlhopDaq"? It is a synonym of "in front of".


Obviously there are other meanings of "before" which would not be equivalent to tlhopDaq, but for this sentence, we do, indeed, accept "before" as a translation.


Good to know! I didn't want to put "before" and have my progress set back because I mistranslated. I'm trying to do a good job with my translations!


How would we translate this famous sentence from the movie Notting Hill: "'I'm just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him"? loDpuq(?) (just?) jIH, be'puq(?) tlhopDaq QamtaH jIH, (asking her to love him?)


This one is super hard to understand--it sounds like she has a big wad of chewing tobacco.

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