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  5. "I am your sister."

"I am your sister."

Translation:मैं तुम्हारी बहन हूँ।

May 5, 2019



What's the difference between aapki and tumhari and teri?


आप (aap) is You.respect (for elders, strangers, etc.) तुम (tum) is You.familiar (for friends, close colleagues, people you are closer with) तू (tuu) is You.informal (for small children, close romantic partners, pets, etc.) aapki(/a), tumhari(/a), and teri(/a) are the possessive forms of each of these (i.e. "your")


Thanks! Very helpful!


The subject pronouns

You (informal and intimate): तु (tuu)

You (informal and polite): तुम (tum)

You (formal and respectful): आप (aap)

The possessive pronouns

Your (informal and intimate): तेरा (tera, masculine) / तेरी (teree, feminine) / तेरे (tere, plural)

Your (informal and polite): तुम्हारा (tumhaara, masculine) / तुम्हारी (tumhaaree, feminine) / तुम्हारे (tumhaare, plural)

Your (formal and respectful): आपका (aapaka, masculine) / आपकी (aapakee, feminine) / आपके (aapake, plural)

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