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"paqmeyvam 'ugh vIlaD vIneHbe'."

Translation:I do not want to read these heavy books.

May 5, 2019


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Could you also say vIlaDqangbe'?


That would translate as, "I am not willing to read it," as opposed to, "I do not want to read it." Both sentences mean something very similar and in conversation you could probably use them interchangeably. However, our purpose with these exercises is to help you learn the subtle differences, so we differentiate between the two meanings.


I am often willing to read books I do not want to read. It's not the same thing.


This is a new structure to me: ... vIlaD vIneHbe'* Can verbs generally be connected in this way, or are there some special rules around it I should know?


It's a special rule with neH ("to want").

(For historical reasons.)


Ah okay. Does it always take the same prefix as the main verb?


It always takes a third-person singular object prefix. The subject is whoever is doing the wanting.

It's basically the same as using 'e', except you leave out the 'e'.

paq DalaD 'e' vIlegh
I see that you read the book.

paq DalaD vIneH
I want you to read the book.

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