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"Today, he is based in the mansion."

Translation:Heute hat er seinen Sitz in der Villa.

April 12, 2013



"Basieren" doesn't work here?


The only way you can use "basieren" is "auf etwas basieren" (to be based upon something / based on something) e.g. "Die Geschichte basiert auf Fakten" (The story is based on facts)


Thank you. The distinction makes sense.


Duden gives a second meaning 'to found' ("Wir haben unsere Pläne darauf basiert") but I wouldn't bother about it at all. It's very rare. I have never heard it been used in that sense.


Thanks. That's good to know. I read (or perhaps I should say "very slowly make my way through as well as I am able") some older texts in German, so it could show up.

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