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Exp not added to leaderboard???

Hello. So I just finished the bronze leaderbord and went up to the next one. And I’m finishing lessons and getting exp but it’s not adding them to the leaderbord? Why? How do I fix this?

May 6, 2019



I've done 140 XP, showing on my personal a/c, but the league says I've only done 27.

I think I've had it with the leagues, it's clear that a lot of people generate XP suspiciously easy, but not all mine count! I'm all in favour of a competition, but only if it's fair.

October 7, 2019


Be sure you’ve done at least one lesson in the app. All your XP after that should count.

I’ve been finding the last couple of rounds that when I first get in a league level, it can take several minutes for the points to sync up. But so far they always have synced up eventually.


That was after doing multiple lessons in the app. Initially, only the first one was counted, but it appears to have been fixed now.


Yes, that’s been exactly my experience. Even several initial lessons in the app don’t show up at first, but after a while they do show up.


I did 490 XP on the computer last night and NONE showed up in the app! When I looked to the leaderboard in the app, it told me I had to complete a level, so I did... but then it only showed that level and 14 XP. :(


That’s standard behavior. To get on the leaderboard for the week, you have to do a lesson on the app. All points earned starting at that first app lesson of the week will be counted on the leaderboard. Points earned on the web bro ser before that first app lesson will not be counted.


While that may be the standard behavior, it's a pretty lousy standard. I wonder why they want someone to have to work on their phone first.


I think it’s because Leagues don’t appear on the web yet. So until you do a lesson on the app, Duolingo doesn’t know that you’re an app user who has the ability to track Leagues that week.

After Duolingo brings Leagues to the browser, I expect this restriction to go away.


Thank you Sharon. As a noob, I didn't know that leagues weren't around since the beginning. Appreciated!


Don´t assume leagues will get to the browser. Duolingo has been fragmenting more and more across web / android / iOS and I don´t expect them to fix that any time soon.


I still think there's a weak/broken link somewhere; it's not just a matter of starting on the app. This morning I did my first lesson the app and it wasn't counted. I then did another lesson on the computer and it wasn't counted. I then did a third lesson on the computer and that was counted and all others from then on have shown up on the leaderboard.


Same here.


I hope your XPS are now being added to the leaderboard? I had the same experience earlier today and my first 20 XPS gained this morning never showed up on the leaderboard. After that is was ok. I don't know why. In fact my first 10 XP from last week also never showed on the leaderboard.


Same problem 6 hours later now still no xp


This is happening to me too for the first time -- I just earned about 50 exp but none are showing up in the leaderboard. I exclusively use the app. I'm unsure what to do...

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My problem is similar but not quite as severe. The points shown for me in the Ruby league are always one lesson behind. For example, at the beginning of the week, I am of course starting from zero, and after I complete one lesson, no points show in the league, although they do appear in the box with my friends. Then, after I complete another lesson, the points from the first lesson (but not the second lesson) appear in the Ruby League. My league points are always one lesson behind.


My points are not showing up on the Amethyst leaderboard on the third day.


Same problem, and it is extremely annoying. I only use the android app. First few did not count at all, the it finally added me to the board, bit is still not counting every lesson. Seems pretty random to me.


Me too, there seems to be a specific problem today, it's not adding any points done in anything to the league.

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Right, I had the same problem today but it seems to have been corrected. Points I had earned but were not showing up this morning have now been applied.

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Although I just now completed another lesson and its points are not being applied. Hopefully they will later. In the mean time, I am not doing any more lessons today.


Same, mine aren't showing up today, I can't even see the leaderboard—just zonked-out owl waiting for something to happen. And yesterday I was trying to catch up to the promotion zone but it wasn't counting my xp then, either, so I gave up. So, what gives.


It’s still happening even in the app

On a general point , they never answer feedback emails :(

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