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Vocabulary tab - Flashcard mode

Hi, a small suggestion. Would be great to have something like a flashcard/random mode so that we could simply get random words from our list. It think this would be extremely useful.

April 12, 2013



That sounds like fun. Maybe they could do it so that you get a point after every correct answer? Sometimes I don't feel like I have more than a couple of minutes to practice, so even going through the timed practice feels like it would take too long. This way I could just practice a couple of words whenever I get a chance, and it would be great for the mobile apps! Standing in line would be a lot more fun.


Iup, precisely my point. What I do at the moment is when I'm doing the normal exercises I'm painstakingly copying all my new words in to a flashcard app on my phone, that I can then use for those "I only have 5 minutes, let me quickly get a couple of words in to memory" moments.

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