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I had a really cool "DuoLingo moment" (Native English speaker, American...learning Spanish)

OK so Im at Burger King waiting for my order, I walk over to look at the pop machine. It had a button that said "Espanol". I press the button and I cant believe my eyes, I understood every word and phrase on the screen! Ive only been at it for about 63 days! Well I just was very impressed and happy and I thought to myself this is actually working! I was very happy. It was a cool moment. This works!

May 6, 2019


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Excelente! It proves that DL does work in real life situations. Que tengas un buen día! Oh, and a lingot for being bold.

May 6, 2019


@IanPlatino you deserve a lingot for being nice


As a Spanish native the same thing happens to me but with English. Although I also go to English classes, I think Duolingo is helping me a lot, it is a very good tool to complement my studies. Good luck!


As a native English speaker I would have never guessed you weren't native. Keep up the good work!


Congratulations! I did a similar thing. When I started the Duolingo Spanish course I set the system language on my computer and cellphone to Spanish. I did of course NOT understand every word and phrase, but it was a good learning experience!


You are very brave!


Congratulations my friend, I am sure you will speak good Spanish soon, and when you want visit Mexico, mi casa es ti casa


Mi casa es tu casa. Just a small typo :)


"My house is your house" -lenriquevl



Como largo que tu puedes entiender 60 a 75% de el mensaje, tu eres hacer gran.

TR Catskills


Hi George, That is a great feeling when you are able to start understanding things in your target language! Keep challenging yourself by doing exercises like that, I have found that putting what I am learning in everyday life helps build my confidence and improves my Spanish. Keep up the excellent work, and keep making experiences like this!


Yes its been very fun and interesting. Learning Spanish just puts things in a different perspective. In the U.S., the English language has appropriated several Spanish words, especially when it comes to food. Phrases like "salsa verde" or "spicy queso"...and of course "Yo quiero Taco Bell"...lol...its like I look at those phrases in a different way now.

You folks are some of the nicest people on the internet. Thank you deeply for the kind wishes. Im proud to learn alongside you all. Good luck in all of your endeavors.


I know that feeling. Happened to me on another continent in another millennium, before Duolingo was invented. And it's great that your first experience is with FOOD. Survival vocab is so rewarding!


One thing I love to do, as an American, is select the Spanish option when dealing with automated voice systems (such as checking balance on a card by phone, etc).


Very nice! I have grown to really appreciate moments like this. Keep up the great work :)


I hit 100 days while a go and I had a similar moment. I was kind of zoned out and there was a song playing in the background. Typically when I hear a song completely in a foreign language, I tend to zone out even more, but all the sudden I understood a complete sentence and I realised it was in Spanish. It gave me such a confidence boost right there.

I have a goal of being able to deal with basic things like ordering food and checking into hotels and so forth when this year is done.

I don't struggle with Spanish grammar that much, but I do have a lot of trouble keeping up with the somewhat fast pace native speakers have.


+1 for listening to music ^_^ had the same experience and was very surprised like 'omg! I can understand it!' o_O)))


if you want to speed up the learning try adding in the languagetransfer.org course. Whenever i hit a wall on the duolingo cause something doesnt click it seems to get covered by this free audio learning. Has greatly allowed me to be able to apply what duolingo teaches me to a verbal lesson. The two go really well together to help you achieve fluent use.


What a nice moment George!! Congratulattions for your practice!! You Know; Practice makes master!!


Congratulations! I love moments like this. Try reading instructions in Spanish next time you come across one of those leaflets that covers multiple languages--I have found that I'm usually able to read the Spanish fairly easily in spite of being nowhere close to proficient. Directions are usually written in the present tense at a pretty basic reading level, so it makes good practice and always gives me a bit of an ego boost! :-)


I watched a show on Netflix and they visited Mexico and I understood a lot of the conversation they were having ... it was my ah ha moment. Happy for you!


I went to Argentina for seven weeks earlier this year after following Duolingo for about half an hour daily during eight months. I was able to read signs, brochures, etc. but more importantly also to have quite complex discussions, eg about Patagonian wildlife and even Brexit (!!) - not just to ask the way or order meals in restaurants. Obviously making tons of mistakes all the time, but people were surprised that I'd reached that level so quickly. The main thing is that I think the course gives you the confidence to launch into these conversations in real-life situations. So thank you, gracias, Duolingo.


It's all about the confidence and wanting to communicate. If you want to, and don't mind making some mistakes along the way, you can find a way to communicate. And, you were learning more during those seven weeks.


Awesome!!! Good Work!!!! 8)


That's so cool!!!


¡Felicitaciones! Es la misma razon que yo lo amo (Duolingo): á mí, aprendiando las cosas es siempre bien.


Felicidades, eso demuestra que vas por buen camino!


63 days yet a streak of 66? Impressive lol


What you are seeing is the poster's current streak. It updates when you open the page. He posted three days before you saw it, that's all.


Would love to live in his world lol.


Great, pleased for you.


Nice job! I have yet to have that happen to me, but in German of course.


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