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  5. "Two men and three women"

"Two men and three women"

Translation:दो आदमी और तीन औरतें

May 6, 2019



why we don't add at last है


Because this is not a complete sentence. If you instead want to say 'There are two men and three women", it would be 'दो आदमी और तीन औरतें हैं'.


Hello Vinay. I heard you have a record of more than 1000 days. Congratulations!!!


If "Aadmi" can be "Purush" then why is it showing that my answer is wrong?


If पुरुष is not accepted, you can report it.

Also, if you're using पुरुष for 'man', you should probably use महिला/स्त्री for 'woman' to maintain consistency.


And which of two forms is more common nowadays - arabic or sanskrit?


In general conversations, आदमी is more common. However, in a formal context (eg: speeches, news articles etc), पुरुष is preferred.

This is true in general. The Hindi you hear on the street will be mostly composed of native vocabulary (usually descended from Sanskrit but with many orthographic changes over time) with a good smattering of words borrowed from Persian (and Arabic to a much lesser extent) and in urban areas, English. However, the more formal the setting becomes, you'll hear a greater number of words borrowed as-is from Sanskrit replacing most of the foreign origin words.
Urdu goes the other way. The Urdu on the street is indistinguishable from Hindi for the most part. However, in formal settings, there'll be many more words from Arabic and Persian.


बहुत शुक्रिया, भाई। I've been studying Sanskrit for 18 years and now decided to learn Hindi at one. It's a lot more easier, especially with DL course.


Why hegn will not come in the last


It is very hard to get it


I can't understand your language


why we don't add at last


Hi Iam Tamilmani Iam From Tamilnadu


Why are they repeating the same


Plural should be Admiyam. ??


No. The plural of आदमी is आदमी itself.
The rule that words ending with ी have a plural form ending in ियाँ is only for feminine nouns. आदमी is masculine.

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