The Portuguese course is teaching Brazilian Portuguese?

This is not the Portuguese taught in Portugal (or West Africa). What's with that??

May 6, 2019


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This is the description:

Quote: The Portuguese course is teaching Brazilian Portuguese?

Yes, PT BR.

May 6, 2019

teaching brazilian portuguese, because the most portuguese speakers live in Brasil ,so this version is most used than Iberian version.

Sim, que pena!

My surprise is because it seemed to give an option of Brazilian or of Portugal. My family member is living in a Portugues-speaking country. His elementary-aged daughter attended a school which had Brazilian teachers. The natives of his country said they couldn't understand the Brazilians. She is now in a school where native speakers are the teachers. My desire had been to learn to speak with them.

Not doing duolingo because it's BP would be a big mistake. It's not going to hurt you. Just supplement with EP resources.

Learning Brazilian Portuguese is better than learning no Portuguese. Besides, Portuguese in Portugal is getting more and more influenced by the Brazilian because Brazilian soap operas are getting popular there.

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