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"Hello, how are you?"

Translation:Halo, apa kabar?

May 7, 2019



Hai for hello? That's new. Or is it typing error?


It's not a typing error


I know Duo Lingo taught us "Apa kabar" for how are you. However my Indonesian friends told me that "Gimana kabarnya" is much more widely used, but this is not accepted as an answer here. I also tried "Bagaimana kabarnya" as to the more more formal spelling, but this is also not accepted. I think it should be an optional answer.


Both "apa kabar" and "gimana kabarnya" are widely used in daily conversations, but yes, 'gimana kabarnya" is a more informal option. However, nowadays, "Apa kabar" in daily conversations doesn't sound that formal anymore.

"Apa kabar" can be both used in formal and informal situation.

However, "Bagaimana kabarnya" sounds unnatural, because changing "Apa" to "Gimana" means switching it from formal to informal. "Bagaimana", which essentially the long version of "Gimana", is a formal word, it is making the "Apa kabar" back to formal.

So, either just use "Apa kabar" or "Gimana kabarnya"

(yes, Indonesians love to shorten the words to make it informal, re: BAgAimana -> gimana)


Halo, gimanamu? Munkin tergantung dengan orang yang dengar. Ada banyak orang berbeda di Indo.


Yes. Hence I would think duo lingo should accept more than just one phrase.


Just report the alternative sentences they could add to their database. I know they won't accept dialects or slang, but common alternative greetings, they will.


How are you : Apa kabar, Gimana kabarnya,
Gimana & Bagaimana Is same


Is Halo kabar apa also allowed?


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This is what i have found


Can someone please explain if its possible or not to use "Siapa kamu?" For "How are you?"

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