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"If you had boiled tea, you would have drunk it with bread"

Translation:Ungalichemsha chai ungalikunywa na mkate

May 7, 2019



what is the difference between kuchemsha and kuchemka pease ?


'chemsha' - 'to boil' (as in, perform the act of boiling). Needs subject and object

  • Ninachemsha chai - I am boiling (the) tea
  • Nimechemsha chai - I have boiled (the) tea

'chemka' - 'to boil' (as in, to be in the process of or having been boiled, depending on the tense). Object becomes subject

  • Chai imechemka - the tea is/has boiled
  • Chai inachemka - the tea is boiling

this can also be in passive voice, 'chemshwa' i.e. 'to be boiled'. Object comes first, can omit subject

  • Chai imechemshwa - the tea has been boiled
  • Chai inachemshwa - the tea is being boiled


That was my thought, too, but it was marked incorrect


Why isn't an object infix necessary here? It seems it should be "ungalikikunywa "


the emphasis is not needed since you're talking about tea in general, not specifics. Also, if you were to include an infix it would be "ungaliikunywa", since tea is uncountable


"--- drunk IT --- ,"

strictly speaking:

"--- ungaliikunywa --- ;"

though colloquially:

"--- ungalikunywa ---."


Sounds like an excellent explanation to me!

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