Imperfect Translation Error throughout "Technology"

The (new) Technology skill is mostly a drill for the imperfect tense. Every time the French imperfect is translated into the English imperfect construction "used to" the answer is incorrectly translated as "use to".

Example: "tu allais à l'école" is translated as "you use to go to school" instead of the correct "you USED to go to school". The correct translation is marked wrong.

This serious error seems to occur throughout the skill and really needs to be addressed. Until that time the skill is unusable.

I haven't encountered any more imperfect translation errors, but they may exist in the newest tree material.

May 7, 2019


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The sentence "Tu allais à l'école" is not in the course, as far as I know.

The closest sentences I could find are "Comment est-ce que tu allais à l'école ?" and "Duo, est-ce que tu allais à l'école quand tu étais petit ?"

In both cases, the list of correct translations includes "did you use to" and "did you used to", although the latter is accepted but never in the best translation.

I have checked all the other sentences with a French imperfect tense in this unit and their translations are all along the same lines. I therefore think there is nothing wrong in that unit and everyone can use it now.

For further information about "used to/use to":

May 7, 2019

Did you report the errors with the report button ? Good find but I do not think Duolingo fixes things based on this type of post.

FYI if I wanted to pass the activity all I would do is enter "use to" every time.

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