"Why are you going?"

Translation:आप क्यों जा रहे हैं?

May 7, 2019



Why is "kya" the first word of other questions we have been studying, but not this question?

May 7, 2019

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This question does not use क्या (kya). Instead, it uses क्यों (kyon)-'why'.

Regardless, both क्यों and क्या (when used as 'what') should come right before the verb in the sentence.

The sentences where you see क्या as the first word in a question are those where it is used to ask yes/no questions. In these questions, क्या functions as Is,Are,Does,Did etc.

तुम क्यों खा रहे हो? - Why are you eating?
तुम क्या खा रहे हो? - What are you eating?
क्या तुम खा रहे हो? - Are you eating?

May 9, 2019
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