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  5. "The sun is in the sky."

"The sun is in the sky."

Translation:सूरज आसमान में है।

May 7, 2019



Hota vs hote... Hota is singular hote is plural. Hota/hote is used when some is certain or is highly certain of something to be. So if someone asks why is the sky blue? It means that person has observed something and knows it for certain its is blue hence hota hai... Why is the sky blue? Translates to asman nila kyun hai.. but then this may only point to a specific one time occurence. As in . Why is the sky blue (today)? . Why is the sky always blue. Translates to in hindi. Asman nila hi kyun hota hai humesha.

Hota hai sort of shows the default condition or the condition it mostly is in. Hope that clears. I am a native hindi speaker.


Is there a rule as to when you must have "hota, hote" and when you can leave it off? "Why is the sky blue" as did "Stars are white" needed it, but "The sun is in the sky" and "The sun is big" do not. Is this only because there is just one sun? So, it would be the same for moon?


Doesn't it mean "There's the sun in the sky"?


Why is सूरज before आसमान में like in other sentences?


Word order in hindi is flexible, to a certain degree. In this case, "सूरज आसमान में है" and "आसमान में सूरज है" are equally correct.

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