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Anyone know if any work is being done on the Navajo course?

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Just wondering if anyone might know if the Navajo course is being updated? I hope it is as it can definitely use some improvement. Thanks. Hope we get to see some news soon about it.

May 7, 2019



I used to be a contributor, and I was kicked off; therefore, I am no longer able to access the course editor. From what I could remember, there is a lot of work that has to be done because (1) there is no audio, (2) there are many sentences that are not grammatically accurate, and (3) there is no Navajo keyboard available on Duolingo.


I'm sure the Navajo team is working further on the course. Its great that it exists, and I'm sure more people will use it when 1) More content is available
2) There is enough audio, especially at the beginning. A lot of people will give up without really trying if they can't hear what they're reading.


Thanks for the reply. Hope the course gets updated one day. I'm enjoying learning Navajo :-)


My issue isn’t the lack of audio but the fact that I cannot find the correct ‘ on my phone’s keyboard. I’d be happy to be able to actually finish this lesson!

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