"They saw the brave act of the woman."

Translation:Họ đã nhìn thấy hành động dũng cảm của người phụ nữ.

May 7, 2019



Do I need "nhìn thấy"... Can I just use "nhìn"?

May 7, 2019


"Nhìn" means "look at", which is different from "see".

May 8, 2019


like Huy said, "nhìn" is different from "nhìn thấy". however you can use the shortened form "thấy" to mean the same as "nhìn thấy" in some context. "nhìn thấy" and "cảm thấy" are the only two verbs I can think of for now that can be shortened to "thấy" and keep their meanings.

May 8, 2019
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