Help, plese :(

What is the diference betwen Taobe/taoba Riñe/riña Vala/Vale Abra/Abre, aparently, they mean the same but, some times, you only have one of the two for answer

May 8, 2019


They are different cases. Taoba/riña/vala/ābra are in the nominative case, which means they're the subject of a sentence. Taobe/riñe/vale/ābre are in the accusative case, which means they're the direct object of a sentence. Since High Valyrian is more flexible with its word order than English, you need that to be able to tell which word has which function within a sentence.

May 8, 2019

What is said above is absolutely right. Handling the accusative might be tough for those who speak languages where the case is not a main feature. Maybe this article can help shine a light there:

May 16, 2019
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