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Convert it into Indonesian Please, 'You are my best friend"

I want some help, kindly someone converts this line (you are my best friend) into Indonesian Please.

May 8, 2019



Teman-teman is best friend, but also means friends.

You are my best friend is "Kamu adalah saya teman-teman". or "kamu adalah teman terbaikku".

Hope this helps!!


Teman-teman doesn't mean best friend. Just "friends".

"Kamu adalah saya teman-teman" is wrong (if "teman-teman" means friends), because it should be "Kalian adalah teman-teman saya". "Kalian" means plural you.

"Teman terbaikku" is good, but "sahabat" is better. "Sahabat" itself means something like a good pal, close friend, comrade. "Sahabat" is a higher level compared to "teman". "Teman terbaikku" is definitely acceptable, however.


Indonesian has some very differing uses of words. What is confusing about this course is it tries to instill some rigidity, which feels great except it is not rigid in practice, so good luck applying that.


I believe the time when we were learning to ride a bike for the first time, there is a set of rigid rules you have to learn. The process is also rigid. Slowly after you grasped the basics, you can ride whatever style you want. One of my neighbor's child rode a bike with his right leg on the left pedal, and use his left leg to drive it like a skateboard. It's possible. Okay, cool. But he learnt biking from the "standard style" first.

The thing is basics are tend to be rigid, so that one is expected to not break it's basic rules, and build basic knowledge. That is required for building a strong foundation. 99,99% of Indonesians I know start from "Ini Budi. Ini ibu Budi", a very rigid sentence, until they can type all those slangs in chat rooms.

After you learn Indonesian, yeah, you can write with whatever style you want, evn if u wnt to cut de spellings like dis (Indonesians do that). And even use slangs like banget, greget, etc. But here, the purpose is to let you build a strong basic foundation for the language itself, until you explore more and more vocabulary, and more slangs.

This course is teaching people how to ride a bike first.


You hit the nail there, bud. Indonesian was meant to be anything but rigid. As the course is still in beta, I hope more contributors would come on board and help make it more workable.


Searching Google it would appear teman teman can mean best friend.


Lu temanku terbaik?



"Teman-teman" is the plural form for "friend". Nothing else.

"Kamu adalah saya teman-teman" is 100% absurd and means absolutely nothing!!

"Kamu adalah teman terbaikku" is correct, but not natural.

"Sahabat" means "good friend" in Indonesian, which most Indonesians would have at least a handful of.

If you want to make the person you are talking to feel special and imply that he/she is your one and only best friend, you can say, "Kamu adalah sahabat terbaikku" or a shorter version, "Kau sahabat terbaikku."

Hope this helps. And ignore kohoutseks's first two misleading examples.


It helps me. Thanks


If you use Google to search for uses of teman teman like kamu teman teman and dia teman teman the results would seem to suggest teman teman usually means friends but can mean best friend. Indonesia has over 700 languages there are many things that happen with words there and it is constantly evolving.


Hello! Native speaker is here, you can say that with this phrase: "Kamu adalah teman terbaikku" / "Kamu adalah teman terbaik saya"

You + are : Kamu + adalah

Best : Terbaik

Friend + s : Teman-teman, but in this case, we just say "teman"

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