Word strength not working at all and I don't know how to bring strength back up.

The strength of certain words isn't going up when I check the "Words" section at the top and it doesn't go up even when I practice every single lesson I've done so far again. I thought Duolingo had a feature to practice just the words that were getting weaker. A lot of the words that have the lowest bar are words that just came up in a lesson too. I'm really confused. Does anyone else have this?

May 8, 2019

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Yes. I reported in in detail earlier this year. I gave very specific examples and was willing to provide many others if they wanted. But I have not heard anything back.

I went out of my way to try and increase the word strength of a few of my lowest words. I practiced the skill many times. I increased the skill to level five and checked on duome to make sure it was golden. I found all the skill exercises that used the words - not just introduced them - got each of the skills up to level 2, and practiced each skill until verified golden (verified by duome), But nothing! The irony is all of these were simple words that I knew inside and out. I never got them wrong in exercises. For example: hôtel

I am hoping they get this fixed soon. But for now the word strength is a useless feature. No worse than useless. It has actually distracted me and is negatively impacting my learning experience. It would be better if they just removed the feature completely than leave it in the current horrid state it is in.

May 8, 2019
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