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I'm finding the Ihr esst and ich esses and all the changing really confusing! Any tips on how to remember what goes with what??? thanks :D

July 18, 2012



Just keep practising ;)


Agreed: practice, practice, practice. Here's a web site that I find to be a very good reference for verb conjugation (using "essen" as an example): http://www.verbix.com/webverbix/German/essen.html


Have a look at "Tips and notes" -> "Verb Conjugation" on the "Basics 1" page: ihr esst, ich esse


German Verbs: there is (in most cases, but not all) a pattern on conjugating verbs with the accompanying pronoun. Eat (essen) is let's say an irregular verb so the spelling changes. Here is a link that conjugates all German verbs with the various pronouns (I / you / he.she.it / we / you plural / they & you formal). You need to know the German verb in its infinitive form to use the site properly. Good luck :) http://conjd.cactus2000.de/index.en.php

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