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Pronounciation of "local"

I mentioned the pronunciation of "tortugas" (by the computer generated voice) once and now it is fixed. So...

Shouldn't the stress in "local" be on the second syllable? It ends in a consonant.

July 18, 2012



Yes, the stress is on the second syllable (lo-CAL). I guess it's understandable that computer-generated voices will seem to misplace accents or even mispronounce words from time to time. But the specific voice being used on Duolingo's Spanish lessons is sometimes so off the mark that you have to wonder why there are so many mistakes (chopped words, misplaced accents, etc.) Having said that, I must say I love the voice talent they used. Other than those mistakes, which are probably attributable to a job done hastily, the voice is beautiful and mostly neutral. And, when in doubt, you can always check the correct pronunciation of a word at Wordreference.com or Forvo.com.


Sí me parece, pero ¿te has preguntado si es posible que en realidad no HAY accento? En este caso, se dice local con tu accento español personal y ni con un accento en la palabra. Se dice algo como esto: "loe - cal." Yo lo digo por esta manera, y siempre he dicho tortugas como: "Tor - tú - gas." Cuando estás familiar con la manera en que los hispanohablantes hablan, es fácil. Llegará. Tenga un día bueno. :) o.o - <<sub>(¡Sígame!)</sub>> - o.o

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