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danish pronouns

context: 6 days in a row i have lost all my health attempting the 3rd "pos. pronoun" test. i cannot figure out what the difference between sine, sin and sit is and whenver i click the word to check what they mean all of them mean the same thing. im very confused and would like to progress further. can anybody help me understand?

May 8, 2019


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Hey Jay
Let me see if I can clear this up a bit.

Sin, sit and sine mean his, her or it's. You choose the pronoun according to whether the noun is a common or neuter noun. Common nouns are the one we put en in front of, neuter are the ones we put et in front of.

When the noun is a common noun you need to use sin as the pronoun. If it is neuter, you need to use sit.

Let's say the noun is en bil (a car)
Morten kører i sin bil. - Morten is driving in his car.

Et hus (a house)
Hunden er i sit hus. - The dog is in it's house.

Sine is for plurals no matter whether it is common or neuter.
Tina elsker sine børn. - Tina loves her children.

Hope it helps

**edited for awful spelling

May 8, 2019


Duolingo has written an explication that you can read clicking the bulb icon at the beginning of the lesson. It is well done, I think.

May 20, 2019


Hi there,

I have already completed this lesson, but I still would like to access the notes on grammar. Do you know where I could do that? When you finish a challenge the lightbulb disappeares... Thanks.

June 3, 2019


Try here: https://www.duome.eu/Agosz/progress It's an unofficial site, but really good for an overview of where you are.

If you choose the tab Tips and Notes, all the tips and notes are written out as they were in the bulb sections.

June 3, 2019
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