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  5. "My muscles are large."

"My muscles are large."

Translation:tIn SomrawDu'wIj.

May 8, 2019



it would seem that Klingon lessons are now case-sensitive and the update became effective mid-lesson...? I typed "somrawdu'wij" (correct except for caps) and my answer was rejected. some warning would've been fantastic. I can't be the only one who stopped bothering with caps when I figured out Duolingo wasn't distinguishing between cases.

EDIT - seems to be restricted to fill-in-the-blank questions, which are new to me (I usually study on mobile app, today I'm on an actual computer, maybe that makes a difference). still weird since I just tried no caps on a different type of question and it accepted it.


Unfortunately this is a software issue and not a course data issue. Do you have a screen shot that I can send to the programmers so they can see what the problem was?

I would prefer that all the sentences were completely case-sensitive. Typing in all lower-case is a bad habit to get into if you intend to write to other Klingon speakers at any point in the future. However, it should not affect your ability to speak or read the language and it would take a massive rewriting of the Duolingo software to make it work.


I didnt take any screenshots at the time but the next time I’m doing lessons on my laptop I’ll grab some & notify you back here.

In theory i totally agree it’s important to get in the habit of capitalizing things correctly particularly when it’s akin to proper spelling. BUT on a mobile device keyboard, which I’m usually using, it can be a special pain in the qIvon for various reasons I don’t really need to get into. So it was kind of a relief to find out caps were technically optional here. (And yeah of course I proofread before hitting “send” etc when it’s important, but I’m recovering from being a pedantic grammar snob so I’m trying to chill out a bit.)


Hey so I also just discovered that the mobile app (ios for me) doesn’t seem to have the same strictures. As I mentioned fill-in-the-blank questions on either platform are new to me as of today, coincidentally the first day in a while that I’ve used my laptop. So it wasn’t immediately obvious to me what the problem might be, it just seemed like a new type of lesson got added. But I did some intentional typos on mobile & they were accepted, so now I’ve got it narrowed down to the desktop browser version just being ultra-sensitive. I didn’t mention this bit before, but the browser blanks actually allow zero typos; even an inadvertent space after your word will get rejected. That one has gotten me a couple times despite being aware of it...

Anyway, screenshots will be available in a couple of minutes. Let me know how & where to send them.


Sounds like something that is not specific to our course and should be reported to https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug- Make sure to include the screen shots in your report.

I'd still like to see the screen shot so I can understand the issue and maybe add to the request for fixing through another channel.


done. oh and it IS now accepting a blank space after the word, but still case sensitive & zero tolerance for typos.

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