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  5. "He is a teacher."

"He is a teacher."

Translation:Er ist Lehrer.

April 12, 2013



Where is the article? Why we don't use it here?


As in several other European languages, the indefinite article is not necessary in German when saying what someone's job is. :)


And one's nationality & religion.


Thankyou. That's the answer I needed too.


I heard that if I say "Er ist ein Lehrer" instead of "Er ist Lehrer" it is sort of offensive because it is like saying "he is just a teacher" :a bad one, (not necessery a teacher, can be doctor ect...)

Can anyone back me up on this?


Is Lehrer in the accustivate case or nominative? I thought that if it wasnt the subject is was the accusative?


Lehrer, in this sentence, is what is called a predicate nominative. Since "ist" works as basically an equal sign, Er = Lehrer, both nouns are in the nominative even though Lehrer is not the subject. For Lehrer to be accusative you would need a different verb like, "Er schlägt den Lehrer." "He hits the teacher." Accusatives receive action. Hope that helps.

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