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  5. "Don't wake up yet!"

"Don't wake up yet!"

Translation:wej yIvem!

May 9, 2019



Shouldn't this be wej yIvemqo'?


The wej includes the negative concept within it and you do not add a negative onto the verb when using wej. That would mean, "Refuse to not yet wake up!"


jdmcowan already mentioned the grammar; I'd like to ask you to watch about with the spelling -- q and Q are different letters in Klingon, and the "don't!" / "refuse to" suffix is -Qo'.


So, "wej" is both a negation and "yet?" Thank you! I haven't learned the word yet.


"wej" is both a negation and "yet?"

wej is "not yet" as a single concept.

[deactivated user]

    The hint suggestion is tivemmoHQo' but says the correct translation is wej yIvem. When I typed in the suggested answer, it said it was wrong.


    The hint system should not be viewed as "suggested answers", but rather "possible interpretations to consider as you put together the requested translation". Sometimes it will provide you with the exact phrase need, but other times it will only show you other similar phrases that cannot be used directly for the given sentence.

    In this case, the phrase that the hint system showed you means, "Don't wake them up!" That's a significantly different phrase from, "Don't wake up yet," but contains many of the same words, so the software thought it would be useful. The software saw that all you needed was to drop the "them" and add in a "yet", so it thought it was giving you a close sentence that you could modify to make work here.

    Unfortunately, the software has failed to realize the in Klingon, the dropping of the object "them" completely changes the prefix needed and also makes the -moH suffix unnecessary. It also failed to realize that the negative is already included in the word wej ("not yet"), so the negative -Qo' is inappropriate here.

    When you ask for the hints (which you really should try to avoid doing), you will need to analyze them to see which bits are appropriate for this exercise and which bits aren't. Then rebuild the proper translation using the helpful bits.

    [deactivated user]

      I usually only glance at the hints because I haven't memorized a word fully yet (like vem). What does the -moH suffix mean, btw? But yeah, sometimes the green owl does indeed have a derpy moment :p He certainly shouldn't be overly relied upon for translation, much like any translation engine on the internet. qatlho'!


      What does the -moH suffix mean, btw?

      It's a causative.

      vem is intransitive -- to wake up (by oneself), to cease sleeping.

      Adding -moH turns it into the transitive verb vemmoH: to wake (someone else) up, to cause someone to cease sleeping.

      [deactivated user]

        Cool, thanks!

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