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Duolingo V Rosetta Stone

Just got Rosetta Stone free from work. Thoughts about each in case anyone was curious about the value propositions of each. So far I kinda like using them together.

  • Duoling

    • the forums help me understand
    • the prompts help me understand (these also help bc I keep a Gdoc of all the new words and verbs so I can refer back and make flashcards
    • doesn't ding me when I don't use the accents :)
  • Rosetta Stone

    • the games are fun
    • the repetition is nice
    • apparently they offer the ability to set up meetings with native speakers so you can practice speaking.
June 1, 2014



I have tried to get a start on Spanish for years. I took a class in high school, I took an internet course, I've purchased a couple of very basic learn-to-speak Spanish software courses, and I have already gotten further with Duolingo than with any of those. And, I've only been doing it for a little over 3 weeks! I do feel, at this point, that using another course eventually, in addition to Duolingo, will be a help to further my skills. I feel like I'm finally getting a good foundation on which to build. (I also appreciate not getting dinged on the accents. It's a process.) Thank you for sharing your experiences.


I feel the same way. It's a great foundation. In the back of my mind, I've been thinking about what to do when my DL tree is done and RS was the next logical step. I'm super happy I got this opportunity with work in order to experience them both.


I love using the both of them together as well, they make a great pair, don't they?


So far I try to do at least 30 minutes a day of each. The progress is slow but I'm ok with it :)


One problem with RS (for me) is they do not have an app for tables or smart phones. That's one area that DL is streets ahead.


They do have an app! I have it!


Oops, you are correct. Sorry, the last time I looked into it they did'nt have one, which was the reason they gave for buying out LiveMocha. I'll give it a try, hopefully it's still free to try.


I have the app for RS but I have yet to use it.


Have tried it and it looks good. The audio and voice recognition is much better than DL but it is very expensive at £20 per month subscription (about $30). Their website is quite cagey about pricing so I do not know if that is for one or all languages. You can buy the software for £195 but it looks like that only supports a desktop and not tablets or smart phones.

Personally I think I will stick with DL, I just hope they bring back the vocabulary feature but despite lots of calls for updates, it looks like Luis has decided to leave it out. Otherwise why has there been no update?


Just looked into it.. once again they want a small fortune for their software. The RS marketing team just doesn't get it...


Thanks for your comparison. I won a Rosetta Stone in a competition, which I have never used. I must have another look at it and see how it can help me.


You might be able to skip the first few lessons but I've enjoyed them both.


That is pretty much what I experienced. I like Duolingo better, but Rosetta Stone is a good supplement.


Same here.I have used Rosette Stone for about 3 months and Duolingo for 2 weeks.


I used to do rosetta stone and I think duolingo is better.


I'm nervous that when I get to a part of RS that I don't understand, I'm going to have a problem. RIght now, I'm ahead in DL so I know what RS is trying to teach me. It's going to take me a moment to look at their pictures and try to figure out what they are saying. On the flip side - those non sensical DL sentences aren't any easier to figure out.


I have only had the chance to try Rosetta Stone Italian once and at least for Italian, you could change the settings of whether or not accents are necessary. What did bother me about Italian however was the strong English accent in the narration.


As much as I dislike getting dinged for it, I think I'll keep the accents on. If I don't then I'll never learn. ;)


I enjoy using both of them together as well! I do RS French for an hour and Duolingo for 30 minutes a day.


I've used Rosetta Stone at my parent' house (my dad got access for free through Microsoft). I've considered forking out the cash and buying Rosetta Stone. Now I find that I'm totally content to get my serious study on- and to dabble in new languages through Duolingo. No need to seek out another until I've exhausted this. :-) I'm excited for when they add Russian. I've wanted to learn Russian for a while now.

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