"Bisi ñuho raqiroti zentyssy issi."

Translation:These ones are the guests of my friends.

May 9, 2019

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Every other time the noun that comes first is the first noun used in the sentence. So it should be theseones are friends of my guests


No. The word order doesn't indicate if something is the possessor or the possessee, only the cases do. And since "ñuho raqiroti" is in the genitive case, the friends are clearly the possessor and the guests (nominative case) are the possessees.

"Bisi zentyssy ñuho raqiroti issi" would also be a valid HV sentence with the exact same meaning as the above one, although the word order is reversed. Only the cases give you the information who the possessor is. So your translation is not correct.

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