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  5. "Worf admires Grilka."

"Worf admires Grilka."

Translation:ghIrIlqa' Ho' wo'rIv.

May 9, 2019



I can understand writing out conjugations for verbs in german, french, and spanish. I have no idea why I have to memorize this spelling of a name no one uses.


In Klingon, Worf is pronounced wo'rIv. The written Klingon you see in this course and in The Klingon Dictionary shows pronunciation, not spelling. Klingon does not, for instance, have an f sound.

The alternative would have been to have sentences about tam, DIq, and 'erIy, and that just would have been silly.

But I agree that having to learn names like ghIrIlqa' is useless. The course should have kept to a few simple names.

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