"He gave me food."

Translation:Dia memberi saya makanan.

May 9, 2019

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"Dia memberikanku makanan." Should be right it seems. Benefactive -kan +ku. Thoughts?


I tried dia memberikan saya makanan and got accepted, so I think yours is correct too.


I think it's expected as more formal form. Well, I am Indonesian.


i am confused. why is it wrong to write "dia memberi makanan saya". because it is "he gave my food" then "dia memberi makanan saya" is correct right? so why is it when it is written as "he gave me food" then the placement of saya is different?


I have precisely the same question... Where are the rules relating to placement of words?


A pronoun following a noun indicates possession, so "dia memberi mananan saya" is indeed "he gave my food", whereas "dia memberi saya makanan" = he gave me food, and so on...

"Makanan saya diberi olehnya kepada sang pemulung" "My food was given by him to the scavenger"
Sang pemulung memberi saya makanannya (dia) = The scavenger gave me his food"


If you're seriously asking this, what have you learned so far? Obviously "He gives me food" ("Dia memberi saya makanan") and "He gives food of mine" ("Dia memberi makanan saya") are different.


The construction would need to be me- -kan to have the direct object of the verb directly after the verb. "Dia memberikan makanan kepada saya."

Dia memberi makanan saya either means "she gives my food" or (more comically) "she gives me to the food"

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