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"These people are younger than you."

Translation:ये लोग तुमसे छोटे हैं।

May 9, 2019



Why is it तुमसे and not तुझसे? I was awarded credit but told it was a typo, although that's what I meant to type.


Oops, I was told it was a typo because I said लोद, which is a typo. Basically my question is what's the difference between तुमसे and तुझसे. Levels of formality?


Yes, those are levels of formality. Actually there's a third one too (आप). Below are the three levels of respect - low to high:

तू / तुझसे = Very informal. When speaking to someone younger / junior at workplace etc. E.g. to children, to waiting staff, when deliberately trying to be rude to someone..

तुम / तुमसे = Somewhat informal. When speaking to someone at equal level, e.g. a friend, colleague... (Note: With very close friends, you might address them तू / तुझसे).

आप / आपसे = Quite formal. When speaking to someone elder, seniors at workplace, during television interviews, etc. e.g. your father, your boss, someone you've met for the first time...


So we can also say aapse formal but it is not accepted


Is जवान possible here ?


I think javan directly translates to youthful

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