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What is difference between sincere and honest?

What do you mean? Where can i use one ane where other?

May 9, 2019

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Honest = честный
Sincere = искренний

Sincerely yours = Искренне Ваш (в качестве вежливой подписи под письмом).

May 10, 2019


Thank you!

May 10, 2019


Being honest means telling the truth. To be honest, I do not like that person. To be sincere means you tell something openly with good feelings. I tell you absolutely sincerely – she loves you. You sincerely believe that 2+2=5, but can you honestly prove it? I sincerely hope everything will be done honestly.

May 10, 2019


Hi! I think so:

When you are writing a letter you can use "your sincerely".

Honest..When Marty enters Hill Valley in 1885 the camera pans over a sign for Honest Joe Statler, a horse dealer.


May 9, 2019
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