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  5. "पीटर कल गाँव जायेगा ।"

"पीटर कल गाँव जायेगा "

Translation:Peter will go to the village tomorrow.

May 9, 2019



Is जायेगा interchangeable here with either जाऊँगा or जाएगा?


जाएगा and जायेगा are interchangeable. Basically, in words where a vowel appears by itself in the middle of a word (like ए in जाएगा), you will have two vowel sounds one after the other. Some people don't like this and tend to insert a 'helper consonant' like य् (y) in the middle of two vowels to help in the pronunciation. So, instead of just 'e' in 'jāegā', they make it into a 'ye' in 'jāyegā'.

जाऊँगा is the first-person form and goes with मैं.


Does that mean it could also be जायूंगा ?


No. For जाऊँगा, the consonant that is inserted is 'v' - jaavonga. But this is more while speaking (not so much in written form).


Why “the” and not “a”. I get that their translation is correct but I why couldn’t it as well be a village?


It can. Without additional context, the sentence is not telling you anything about definiteness.


Cause peter is going to a particular village and not any village...


It is very difficult AT THE BEGINNING OF A NEW LESSON, to try and translate words BEFORE they tell you what the words mean! Especially when they put it into a sentence with other new (and unhighlighted) words. Grrr.


Exactly my frustration. Am always ready to give up at the beginning of a new topic ...


Are the hints not working?


People pronounce it Gao.


Is there a reason गांव is pronounced like गांओ ?

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