"Você precisa considerar o pior."

Translation:You need to consider the worst.

April 12, 2013

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Is it just me, or does the English sentence sound weird? I've heard people say "prepare for the worst", but never this. Does it have the same meaning?


People might not say it in those exact words often, but it's perfectly fine English.


It's just that when you read something strange like that, you wonder if the Portuguese might actually mean the more reasonable, closely related Engligh sentence that comes to mind. In lots of cases, that's what it turns out to be.


Not sure what you mean, KmRmn. "You need to consider the worst" is a perfectly reasonable translation that doesn't sound strange to me at all.


No-one considers the worst. They may expect it or prepare for it, but for it to be consider you'd need more to the sentence. You need to consider the worst case scenario... Finishing with worst needs an old cliche.


When you construct a sentence, you must consider the worst comment you may get.


I am with you. I disagree with 4oYBixt0. To explain to her, out of context "worst" is a pretty useless noun phrase. Of course modern grammarians may have changed the terminology. But consider is either transitive or not. And if transitive, it must have an object. And that object will be a noun phrase. Which requires a noun . And "worst" is an adjective. Nor can "the worst" be an adverb, which is the only way it could qualify an intransitive verb.


You need to think the worst?


While nothing is grammatically wrong with the sentence, I often heard people use 'Expect the Worst'.


"You SHOULD consider the worst" was not accepted, and the correction was "You MUST consider the worst". Is "should" not strong enough for "precisar"?


Does "você" here mean the person you talk to, someone in general, or both?


Possibly the person you talk to.

For general sense, you can use "é necessário..."


how about, "you must consider the worst" ?


as a rule, must = dever, need = precisar. I dunno how duolingo is working on it since they are used most of time interchangeably

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