"The lunch is ours."

अनुवाद:खाना हमारा है।

June 1, 2014

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What is the difference between हमारा खाना है and खाना हमारा है?


The subtle difference is about where the stress is to be applied. "The lunch" is being stressed in the sentence "The lunch is ours." So the natural translation is "खाना हमारा है।"

Had the sentence been "It is our lunch.", then "हमारा खाना है।" would have worked.


Where to use " हैं " and " है " ?


Is there any way I can skip typing in Hindi? Guy! Hindi Typing is not my forte, and I don't want to improve it either. Its also very time consuming.


Unfortunately there is not because you have to demonstrate that you can understand and translate the sentences and the only way you can do this is by translating into Hindi. I understand that it is slow to type Hindi when you are not used to it but if you keep practising you will soon find that it becomes much quicker :)


Thanks, George. When you, a native English speaker born and living outside a Hindi speaking country, have no qualms about typing Hindi in Devanagari script, no one else should :)

ataur.rahm, as George says, practice will make it easy and you will start enjoying typing because the tools to type Hindi are quite advanced these days.


Bro just install google hindi typing keyboard app its a kind of english to hindi transliteration app where you have to type any hindi word in english letter and then it get automatically converts in hindi words and with the hep of this app you can type fast in hindi as you type in english


I use Hindi Baraha Software. It's based off of the QWERTY keyboard and very easy to use, and quick.


The lunch..menus यह खाना हमारा है।.....होना चाइये ।।। why खाना हमारा है।।


It is not "This lunch is ours ."


"दोपहर का खाना हमारा है" यह गलत कैसे है?


दोपहर का खाना हमारा है is also right


The lunch is our


Why not, "दोपहर का खाना हमारा है"?


Question: What is the difference between 'खाना' and 'दोपहर का खाना'? What is used more often in Hindi?

(I am learning Hindi and already know English. The version English to Hindi is not yet available, so I already started with this one.)

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