Missing terminal sounds/word at the end of a recording

Does anyone else experience a problem wherein the final letter(s) of a word are truncated when the narrator says a sentence at full speed?

I have this problem, actually more often than not. The slow speed sentence has all of the letters and words pronounced for the final word, but the full speed version does not. And I have gone back and checked repeatedly after listening to the slow version, just to check and make sure I didn’t simply miss it. It’s just not there. I think that the recording simply isn’t playing quite long enough.

Any ideas or suggestions as to how I might mitigate this? It’s very painful listening to the slow version, and obviously I want to listen a t full speed, because I need that practice.

P.S. this is definitely an audio problem. Sometimes the full speed version is missing an entire word, not just a few sounds. Repeating the sentence several times at full speed will eventually provide the missing sounds.

May 9, 2019

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I have the same problem in both the languages I'm doing. I thought it might be just me, but now I see it is a common problem.

Playing the slow version does not always help. The first words are clear (and frustratingly slow) and the last one/s are still missing! I've had times where I played the audio fast then slow multiple times, but just had to guess what the sentence might be. And of course got it wrong.

May 13, 2019
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