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  5. "Mi guardo allo specchio."

"Mi guardo allo specchio."

Translation:I watch myself in the mirror.

April 12, 2013



We actually just say "look in the mirror". It's understood that what we see in the mirror is our reflection.


"I look at myself" sounds like a better translation. Your suggestion of, "I see myself..." sounds like a translation of, "mi vedo..." , don't you think?


Why is it that "I look myself at the mirror" is wrong?


Because one does not "look oneself" in this sort of context in English. One however "looks at oneself". In fact, when you are viewing or trying to view/watch/observe anything with your eyes, you look AT that thing. "At" is required with the verb "look" in these cases. Of course, verbs such as "look for", "look like" mean something very different.


You would say instead "I look at myself in the mirror."


What about "i look at the mirror" it's common phrase actuqlly


The audio on this is terrible, it definitely says Mi guardo lo specchio" when played at full speed

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