Stories questions are suddenly in English?

I've been using Stories for a week to learn French and the questions were in French up until today. Suddenly the questions are in English. Not sure what happened. I'd like to change them back to French. Help?

May 10, 2019


Yes, they're now in English for a number of sets and only switch to being in the target language later on (I checked on the final set for Spanish and it has questions in Spanish, so looks like there's a difficulty curve there). I guess it's to encourage users to start doing Stories even when they're at a lower level instead of waiting until they finish the tree like many were doing, but in this case it also reduces the educational value for longtime Duolingo users, since it's now just too easy for us. Also notice the increased use of word bank instead of typing answers.

Maybe instead of implementing this change wholesale for everyone Duo should e.g. vary difficulty levels based on your progress in a given language? (e.g. having all in the target language for users with high XP level or crown level and in English for beginner users).

May 10, 2019

Or maybe there should be an option to be able to choose between English or the target language. I do not think it will be that hard!

May 11, 2019

they probably made it easier for the kids

May 10, 2019


Sounds like that with all those recent changes to the web portal:

Now having moved up to L25 level with 30,000 XP is getting meaningless with all those cuts.

May 10, 2019
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