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We want to builld a new Esperanto course for Japanese.

We, Japanese Esperanto speakers would like to build a new Esperanto course for Japanese. Many of us have already applied to become contributors.

May 10, 2019



It would be nice if there would be Esperanto course for every language and every language course to learn in Esperanto. Esperanto is a great short cut between language. I could not start learning Japanese before I got reasonable English because of lack of materials.


Thank you for your comment, Jarek. I hope you continue studying Esperanto and Japanese.


It would be great if every language had its own Esperanto course. Not everyone knows English well enough. Also, different languages have different structure, for example Russian doesn't have any articles.

Mi esperas ke baldaux tio okazos.


Keep pushing. It is a great thing to do. I know that Japanese like Esperanto - a heard that you guy tried to put Esperanto to public schools and got over 200 000 signatures


Yes, Jarek! We will keep pushing. Thank you for your emotional support!


I'm very much in favor of a Japanese Esperanto course. The Japanese Esperanto movement has been strong for over a hundred years. There is a tremendous potential which Japanese learners have to contribute to the spread of the easily learned international language. I wish you good luck and much success.


Thank you for your comment. Koran dankon pro via bondeziro.


I would certainly like an Esperanto course for Japanese speakers.

Mi certe ŝatus esperantan kurson por parolantoj de la japana.

Se vi parolas Esperanton kaj la japanan, bonvolu apliki por kontribui por Esperanta kurso por japanparolantoj.


Dankon pro via mesaĝo. Jes, miaj samideanoj kaj mi jam aplikis kiel kontribuanto.


Have you started making the course yet?


Just check the incubator. (I haven't checked - but I haven't heard it's there.)


Unfortunately, not yet. We have been waiting for a reply from Duolingo for years.


I heard that English sounds/pronunciation are difficult for Japanese people. Are Esperanto easy? I think Spanish is easier because it has less sounds. What do you think?


Yes, English is very difficult for Japanese people. Spanish and Esperanto are easier for us to pronounce.


learning japanese and esperanto

could be good for me






As someone who wants to continue learning Japanese again after I finish Esperanto tree, I would love and benefit from a course like this instead of learning Japanese with English. If this course were possible, I could continue to learn/gain experience with Esperanto while also learning Japanese. I wish this becomes possible so best wishes!

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