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Glitch in exercises

Hi, I got an update yesterday for the web version, which added the combo xp, but I noticed there was a glitch in the multiple choice questions for me, I don't know how to attach a picture so I'll just paste an imgur link here:


Makes it hard to read and messes up some letters like ㅈ & ㅊ that basically turn to ㅅ, I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this but it would be nice if something was done about it, thank you))

May 10, 2019



I also have a glitch in the multiple choice questions - the question is there, but no answers - any help out there? Thanks!!



What is your zooming factor in the browser?

Do you use Safari?
According to user feedback, the frontend web UI updates have broken Safari.

Try switching to Firefox or Chrome.
Try to zoom out.

120-130% zooming factor is nowadays very broken for me while it was working perfectly on the older web code (before ALL recent changes).

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