Arabic Word of the Day 18#

*Late again sorry guys! Today we're going to do family members we're going to first start with unpossessed nouns (what I mean is like "brother" instead of "my brother" or "his brother"), this is easy so let's start! :

*أم = "um", meaning 'mother'

*أب = "ab", meaning 'father'

*أخ = "akh", meaning 'brother'

*أخت = "ukht", meaning 'sister'

*جد = "jad", meaning 'grandfather'

*جدة = "jad'da", meaning 'grandmother'

*خال = "Khaal", meaning 'uncle' - your mother's brother

*خالة = "Khaala", meaning 'auntie' - your mother's sister

*(عم) = "3am", meaning 'uncle' - your father's brother

*(عمة) = "3am'ma", meaning 'auntie' - your father's sister

*ابن = "ibn", meaning 'son'

*ابنة = "ibna", meaning 'daughter'

*زوج = "zawj", meaning 'husband' - (don't get this mixed up with "jawz" which means 'nuts'... as in the ones you eat)

*زوجة = "zawja", meaning 'wife'

*صديق = "s^adeeq^", meaning 'friend' and if it's a girl "s^adeeq^a"... And you might wonder why I put 'friend' but "friends are family", no? ;)

*So here's a long list for you to remember (Good luck!). You may have noticed I haven't added a few like "cousin" (etc...) but I think they are a bit more complicated so it's better to leave it here and add them on a little later. Also, as I mentioned above, the words above don't tell us who "possesses" them (if that makes sense). That's for tomorrow! ;)

*Thanks for reading! Any Qs, Proof-reading, Suggestions... Yeah you know the rest of my phrase (it's gonna become the motto of this post)... "Comment below and I'll be happy to answer/ correct etc... Have a Nice DAY! and Enjoy your WEEKEND! ;p (I AM)

May 10, 2019


This just gave me a idea, actually today I will post a French lesson about family members! Great!

ladaya 'akh kabir , 'amiy wa'abi ( I have a big brother, my mom and my dad)

May 10, 2019

ladayya 'akh(un) kabiir(un) wa 'umm(un) wa 'ab* The (-un) is tanween, in nominative case)

May 11, 2019

Well I guess he beat me to it ;p ... Actually I'd change it to this "Laday'a akhun akbar wa um(un) wa ab(un)" - the brackets meaning optional, and I'd use "Akbar" instead of "kabeer" because it does sound better as "Akbar" , in this case, means "older" whereas "kabeer" means "big", and imo in English too, "older brother" sounds better than "big brother"... But it's optional of course.

Ps: Sorry I was late to answer, but could you possibly link your French posts because even when I search them, I find it difficult to find them, thx ;)

May 11, 2019

grandson: حفيد h^afiid.... granddaughter: حفيدة h^afiida. Good as every day !!

May 10, 2019

I forgot about those :o ... Nvm, I'll add them when I add cousins.... Thanks ;P

May 11, 2019

This is great, thanks. You're such a good teacher too.

May 10, 2019

Hehe you don't know me I'm rubbish it at teaching but thx ;)

May 11, 2019

I wonder if I should tell my friends “Marhaban s^adee^qa.” I sometimes like to annoy them with Spanish ( I can do it a little in Arabic)

May 11, 2019

Hmm no I wouldn't... For a beginning, they are your friends not one friend. "S^adeeq^a" is one friend (who is a girl btw). The plural is: (أصدقاء) "As^diq^aa' ". So if you want to say "Hi friends" you'd say "Marh^aban yaa as^diq^aa' " - for some reason, which I don't have the knowledge of, we tend to add "yaa" before a person's name... (basically whenever you are saying what someone is called so like "hey friends" or "hey children" - I just don't know what that is called in English). So if you are talking to a group of people which are either boys or mixed you'd say "Marh^aban yaa as^diq^aa' " basically. ;) Soz for the bad explanation but you're a nerd... hmm hmm I mean a clever guy, so you'll get it... hopefully ;p

May 11, 2019

Thanks a million, it is probably best I haven’t said anything to them yet. LOL

The explanation was clear I got it, Thank you again!

May 11, 2019

Nerd... Check! ;p JK It's good to have a bright student, that's probably why teachers hate me ;)

May 11, 2019

Well...I might be good at language learning and cultures, but there are some learning things that I cannot stand.

May 11, 2019
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