Hello, guys late post again (sorry) and today I will be talking about family members and I think it's going to be fun!

Sister will become sœur in French, pretty tricky because you have the weird oe together.

Brother is frère in French I will talk about small and big in the next sentence.

Small will become petit in French

Big is just gros in French, actually sounds like gross in English! @__@

Mother and father in French sounds and spells nearly the same, they become mère et père in French which is Mother and father in French.

Grandfather and grandmother is Grand-père et grand-mère in French. It's sounds also like mother and father in French but just add the grand which is big in French!

Cousin is cousin again in French! (this one is easy to remember)

Aunt and uncle is tante et oncle in French, the last word oncle and the last word in English uncle sounds nearly the same. (these tips might help you with your exam)

So there we have it, I did not write father in law or sister in law because it's not that usall we use those words in French. Hope you enjoyed this lesson as much as I did, and if you have any recommendations for the next lesson, I will definitely reply and do it! Au revoir

May 10, 2019


very good. One minor suggestion, you should not pronounce the French word gros like the English word gross. They are different. The French word sounds more like gro as in Miracle-Gro plantfood.

May 10, 2019

Alright, thanks for your reply!

May 11, 2019

Sorry I'm late sir please don't gimme one hour detention :'( ....

Nice post Joseph, I didn't know what grandparents were in French so thanks a lot! My sentence for you to correct: "ma mère est belle et mon père est travailleur" (My mum is beautiful and my dad is hardworking). Have a nice Day and thx! Lingots 4 U!

May 12, 2019

Naa girl, I will give you 1 mouth detention! JK nice post again! Just one slight mistake when you said beautiful it's not belle, belle in english is joli, so I would say Tu es beau !

p.S no handsome dad...jk

May 13, 2019

One mouth? XD what? I get you I get you don't worry! ;p Thanks for the correction! PS: My dad looks good too!! XD

May 13, 2019

What the heck, I wrote mouth lol supposed to be month. Stop laughing, you know what 2 months detention! XD

no problem with the correction and wait........................just imagine what you look like! sigh

May 13, 2019

Thank you :-) and we can add papa, maman (parents) , papy, mamie (grandparents)

May 11, 2019

yea. :3

May 11, 2019
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