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  5. "One plus three equals four."

"One plus three equals four."

Translation:Satu tambah tiga sama dengan empat.

May 10, 2019



so what was wrong with satu dan tiga?


MikeWilby, "satu dan tiga" means "one and two." But, the sentence above indicates a mathematical addition. So, "plus" here means "tambah/ditambah".


What is the difference between:

X tambah Y X dengan Y X dan Y




  1. X tambah Y -> X is added to Y ("X + Y", it is mathematical addition). For a more formal way, we say it, " X ditambah Y".

  2. X dengan Y -> X is with Y (or did you want to say, "X sama dengan Y" ? This will be, "X = Y")

  3. X dan Y -> X and Y (or "X & Y" so then it becomes a boolean equation)

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