"Fifteen, fourteen, thirteen"

Translation:Ashdlaʼáadah, díí tsʼáadah, táá tsʼáadah

May 11, 2019

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Is it just me or is there no hover hint underneath "thirteen"?


no, I also have that issue!


Hey guys why are the no voices reading them? Makes it way harder to learn


Phonetics are available for the terms online and there is a class every Saturday at 3:30 CST in the Events. If you are in Navajo lesson like here, click events in More and it will come up. If you find yourself in the general language events page, just select Navajo from the dropdown box. https://events.duolingo.com/ and click on details box.

Or go here: https://events.duolingo.com/event/c0b8d2cf-3965-4c04-8f0f-0eac8fe8e51f and the teacher is using a website called blackboard which has audio capabilities and chat etc, so I intend to be there Dec 26, too. You must register with blackboard and then the teacher adds you. It has a link in Events to contact isaac and I recommend the sooner you link up with him the sooner you can be ready to go.


Still be beta? Missing a hint.


I don't have navajo app.


I have same issue.

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