"Sharks eat dolphins."

Translation:Hiu makan lumba-lumba.

May 11, 2019

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I was marked incorrect for answering "Hiu hiu "when in fact that is the plural of shark, which is what is in the English sentence.


the use of plural and singular seems kinda random here


Not a native speaker. But IMO, hiu-hiu refers to an explicit group of sharks, so it sounds like you see some sharks eating some dolphins (in a documentary?). On the other hand, hiu is the generic term, describing that sharks generally do eat dolphins.


as a native speaker i think there are some reasons

1.the sentence is more like a general statement (even i'm not sure that sharks eat dolphins) so you don't have to say the NOUN twice

2."hiu makan lumba- lumba" is more effective than "hiu-hiu makan lumba-lumba"

Sorry if my explanation isn't good because i'm still learning English :)


Yes, but maybe still more common to say hiu...!?


Why is no-one upset about the lie that sharks eat dolphins?


It would be nice to have an explanation.


Yes, more theory behind the language would help a lot


come on, DL, where is the consistency? Two plural words in English, and we get one singular and one plural in the translation? so hard to make sense of this.


Lumba-lumba is the word for "dolphin(s)". The reduplication has nothing to do with plurality, just like kupu-kupu for "butterfly(-ies)" and laba-laba for "spider(s)".


Comparing the necessary duplication with hiu which is not duplicated when singular

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