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  5. "How much does he eat?"

"How much does he eat?"

Translation:वह कितना खाता है?

May 11, 2019



When "how much" is used together with verbs, such as in this case (how much does he EAT), कितना is always used. Neither कितने nor कितनी is used in those cases.

If however "how much" is used with a noun, all three variations (कितना, कितने and कितनी) can be used, depending on the object.

Examples are:

"how many bananas does he eat" = वह कितने केले खाता है

"how many books" = कितनी किताबें

"how tall is she" = वह कितनी लंबी है

"how tall is he" = वह कितना लंबा है


It's not kitne and the reason is that the subject (the BOY we're taking about) is singular

In English,According to the Subject-verb concord rule, if the subject is singular then the object part will also be counted in singular. Same case with hindi translation too

Hope it helps you


What?? Why is "यह कितना खाता है?" declined? It's just the same thing, but with यह. Don't both यह and वह mean he/she/it?


You are correct, both can be used to refer to third person subjects:



Why isn't it correct if you drop the vah?


It is because 'vah' or 'वह' is the subject here. 'vah' can be translated to English as he or she or it

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